• Brain Zaps

    Brain Zaps

    Political tweets | PGH sports fan in L.A. | Stanford, Cubs, Steelers, and Raiders tweets | #migraines #epilepsy | Furballs | Ex-reporter | RTs =/= agreement

  • K McCarthy

    K McCarthy

  • S Bhosekar

    S Bhosekar

  • Janet Metcalf

    Janet Metcalf

  • chris goshy

    chris goshy

    I am a Digital Marketer includes Seo..

  • Cathleen


    Center for American Progress senior fellow; Professor, Johns Hopkins U (SAIS); formerly at White House (CEQ); outdoors enthusiast, musician. Tweets are mine.

  • Audrey J. Juarez

    Audrey J. Juarez

    Sweet angel feminist conquering DC. Proud @amprog legal eagle, kicking injustice's butt and taking names daily. Opinions are my own.

  • American Progress (CAP)

    American Progress (CAP)

    Dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through ideas and action.

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